Alternate Career Life: Anchor in Place or Travel for Work?

As you ponder, daydream, or make serious plans about living a semi-retired life, give serious thought to this one piece first.  Keep in mind, if your initial choices don’t work, you can always change them.

Are you planning a mobile, traveling, different-places life?  Or, do you want to have an anchor-in-place approach and build all your opportunities around, from, and in that place?

Stay-in-Place Considerations
  • Do you live now where you want to be when you semi-retire?
  • What kind of housing do you want to have or have now?
  • Are you going to need something bigger or smaller, or is what you have just right?
  • Is your housing also part of your income source?
  • Is renting your home, or doing home exchange an option during your “off” time periods?
  • Is commuting to/from work an issue?
  • Costs – can you live this life with your current housing and expenses?
  • Is there employment where you are anchored?  Particularly seasonal, temporary, or contract so that you can take a few weeks or months break when you want.
  • Or, will you need to start a business of some kind?   If so, I highly recommend Barbara Winter’s book  Making a Living without a Job.
Traveling Life Considerations
  • Well, where ARE you going to live?  Keep in mind that many seasonal tourism jobs provide housing.
  • That said, what are you going to do with your belongings that aren’t traveling with you?
  • Can you afford multiple residences?
  • Are you going to keep a primary residence somewhere as a base of operations?  If so, where?  (Think about tax implications)
  • If not, what are you going to use for a permanent legal address?
  • Is portable something that would work for you – RV, camper, tiny house?
  • How are you going to get around?  (If you have an RV, you won’t want to take it to the store for a loaf of bread…)
  • What work are you going to do – same type job just floating with the seasons to different locations?   Or, a different job every season?  For example, I have a recurring summer position where I live now, but plan to travel or live in other places during the Fall and Winter once I get my youngest child launched.
  • You will need to figure out your banking (MUCH easier than it used to be), and bill-paying.  Where will your bills be delivered?
  • Communications services – cell phone, satellite, etc?

Note that these questions are appropriate and may affect your choices whether you are an individual going his or her own way, a couple who plan on doing this together, or even a couple where only one of you wants this type of employment.

Everything is negotiable when you are calling the shots.  That’s the point.

Recovering MBA. Writer. Photographer. Scanner. Learning Addict. Airplane Geek. Teacher. Certification Collector. Serenity Seeker. Semi-retiree in training.