Daring to Be Divergent

If I lived in the dystopian future world of Veronica Roth’s young adult novel series, I’d probably be divergent.   Thank goodness that doesn’t involve jumping from moving trains or hand-to-hand combat in today’s world.

(And on a complete thread drift – if you have read the Divergent novels…what did you think of book three, Allegiant?  I HATED it.  Completely ruined the series for me.)

Okay, so in these novels, and the accompanying movies, people were slotted at a young age into a fixed personality type. Each group performed specific tasks in the community.  Divergents could fit into more than one of the groups, and were considered dangerous outcasts.

It’s not so different in some ways now, when someone goes to school to be some ONE thing for their entire life.   Many many people are perfectly content with this and it works well for them. And those of us who don’t fit that model well are often criticized for not “sticking with anything.”

Divergents.   We like LOTS of different things.  Constant change.  Constant learning.  Once we’ve mastered something, boredom sets in. Our definition of doing something doesn’t necessarily extend to mastering it.  I’ve given the example before of the person who wants to learn to play the cello.  He or she might not want to BE a cellist, but wants to know HOW it works.  How to make it sing, how to hold it, how the notes work.

So, how does this fit into The Semi-Retired Life?  Well, in my ideal vision, I’d actually do two to three different quarter or half year long jobs each year.   But, I can also do work for 8 – 10 months a year and take one longer break and be very happy.

The key is in the break. It’s about the time OFF.

That’s where the magic lies.  The chance to take anywhere from one to three months and go do something totally different is often enough of a change of place to reinvigorate our interest in our work.  It’s the concept behind a sabbatical.  Unfortunately, only academia and some of the newer high-tech companies tend to embrace it.

So for me, Divergent means that I love to teach AND love to learn.  It means that I could be happy teaching math OR french.  I’d be ecstatic teaching BOTH – the perfect divergent solution would be half classes of math the other half classes of french.  Divergents make excellent teachers because they are such avid LEARNERS.

They also often tend to be the office Jack or Jill of-all-trades in the office or at a venue like a restaurant or resort.  They make great tradesmen (persons?) or general contractors.

Barbara Sher called us Scanners, BTW, long before the Roth novels. 🙂   Refuse to Choose

Are you Divergent?  Is that why a Semi-Retired Life appeals to you?  Or, do you just want more time off?

All ways work.

Recovering MBA. Writer. Photographer. Scanner. Learning Addict. Airplane Geek. Teacher. Certification Collector. Serenity Seeker. Semi-retiree in training.