Differentiating Semi-Retired and Part-Time

Have you considered decreasing your work hours, or the number of days you work each week as you get closer to retirement?  Or, do you think you will not ever be able to “retire,” but you still want enough time to do some traveling or pursue a hobby?

These two options are vastly different, however.  Be sure you take the time to decide which one would be best for you.


Working part-time is generally considered to be any number of hours less than thirty per week.    Keep in mind though, that thirty hours can still take up a great deal of your time.   For example, someone working six hours a day/five days a week adds up to thirty hours.  That is just 8am – 3pm instead of 8am – 5pm.  Add in a commute, and it really is not that much time away from work.

If you can find longer hours for fewer days, it would probably be more appealing.

Part-time work becoming more and more common for several reasons though, and not all of them good ones.   While it can be a great option for students, or for people who just need a little extra income or something to do, it can be very frustrating for people who want to work full-time.

The biggest looming concern is health insurance, as the Affordable Care Act allows employers to opt-out of providing coverage to those who work part-time.   If you have coverage elsewhere, then this might be a good option for you to have more days per week available to pursue hobbies or outside interests.


Most often, this is referred to as “seasonal” employment.”  It definitely is the more appealing choice if you want longer blocks of time off.  A great number of the employment opportunities are the ones commonly associated with the summer or winter seasons, such as summer camp counselors, or winter ski instructors.

Of course, seasons vary depending on where the business is geographically too.  The traditional North American Summer season is June through August, while it is December – February in the southern hemisphere.  And many specialized workers such as ski instructors take advantage of this by working in different parts of the world depending on the time of year.

In general, the variety of positions available where working part of the year is built into the job description seem to fall into four main categories:  Teaching, Tourism and Travel, Taxation, and Treatment.  In another article, I will describe the myriad opportunities available in these different industries.


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