Dilemma du jour…is it WORTH it?

I’m exhausted.

I’m not sure I fully realized how much those “free” weeks that teachers get during holidays and the summer are actually COMP time for the insane hours the job requires during the year.

My situation is compounded by being a “first-year” teacher with three different levels of my subject, in a topic I love but for which my skills are “rusty.”  This requires even MORE time as I have to study even beyond my prior knowledge to be able to TEACH.

I am not doing ANY creative work at all – the blog, art, photography, writing fiction…NOTHING.

So, then, at what price to me is the opportunity to give up some of that free time for additional well-compensated income that I genuinely need?

How much is your time worth? What can you do to change it?

It’s not hard to calculate – take your earnings and divide them by how many hours you work.  If you are paid hourly, and are paid for every hour worked, it’s a fairly easy number to figure.  It’s more complex if you are salaried and work in excess of the standard 40-hour US work week.

But wait…what about time that is attached to work but for which you aren’t compensated?  Commute time is probably the biggest. How about time spent studying or reviewing material at home?  How long does it take you to get ready for work?  These things all dilute your hourly rate of compensation.

So, what is your time really worth?  In other words, flip it around…what does it COST you to give up an hour of your time for some amount of compensation?

Now is it worth it?

Do I continue to pick-up extra work during downtime I desperately need for income that I also need? Even if I love the work, I keep circling back to an essential question…is it worth it?

I don’t have an answer.  I have something that I love doing, for which I am well-compensated.  But it is only available for about six weeks a year, and a few weekends.  I can’t live on it.    And right now, my spirit needs those hours.  Maybe more than my wallet.  Sigh.


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