**Dream Job Alert**

One of the things I love to do is showcase just how many fascinating part-year jobs are out there for the applying/taking.   While this one wouldn’t necessarily set my heart to pitter-patter, I suspect many would love this opportunity.

The pay looks decent too – $115 -350/day.

Check it out.  Even if this isn’t your cup of tea, it’s really fascinating to see how some businesses are set up, and what skills you might already have that they seek.  Frequently, degrees or formal education takes a backseat to good old-fashioned experience.

And, if you would love this, but DON’T have the required experience, contemplate how you might get it.  Find out how to get a Commercial Driver’s License in your state, and where you can get CPR certified.

Tour Guide to the National Parks – Private Company

Have a great day – you can make this happen!

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