Dreams and Possibilities and Ideas

I don’t know about YOU, but I am seriously tired of talking about health insurance.

I know, I KNOW.  It is the THE thing that keeps many people locked in jobs that either suck up all their time, or suck up so much of the finances there’s nothing left.

I know.

So, let’s just all agree that in the U.S. at present, unless you have employer provided insurance, it’s a nightmare out there.   I’ll talk about it on the blog when it’s appropriate.  But, I don’t want this to be a blog about health insurance.

I want it to be a blog about dreams.

Dreams of having enough time off to do the things that really matter to YOU.   Dreams of freedom and creativity.  Dreams of travel.  Dreams of safe places for our loved ones, and safe spaces for our minds.

I want it to be a blog about possibilities.

Possibilities of trying things you always wanted to try, but couldn’t find the money.  More likely, couldn’t find the TIME.   Or everyone told you that you shouldn’t because you were too smart or too educated or too anything.

I want it to be a blog about ideas.

A place to get ideas.  A place to get ideas for ideas.  A place to mix ideas, and possibilities, and dreams into something that is different for each person that comes here.   That construct of life that works for YOU.   Doesn’t matter if it wouldn’t work for anyone else – no one else has to live it.  You do.

Going forward, I hope, fewer “articles” and more musings.  More dreams, possibilities, and ideas.

More.  Please.

I achieved many goals in 2015 and I’m doing my close out over the next two weeks.  What worked?  What didn’t?  What goals did I meet?  Where did I fall short?  What can I change?

Did you know only 1% of people actually do this?  Go back and review whether or not they met the goals they set?  Huh.  Me neither.

Interesting.  1%.  We hear that number often used in a derogatory manner.  Have to wonder if there’s a correlation though.

Have a great day!!

Recovering MBA. Writer. Photographer. Scanner. Learning Addict. Airplane Geek. Teacher. Certification Collector. Serenity Seeker. Semi-retiree in training.