Income Ideas for Dog (Pet) Lovers

You can always start a business that is already clearly defined by how others have done it, such as pet sitting, dog-walking, or grooming. But what if you love dogs and you love being outdoors? Or dogs and being a nurse? Here are some ideas to get you thinking about the possibilities.

Doggie Personal Trainer

Love dogs and fitness? Why not offer your services to people who have overweight pets? You could partner with vets, groomers, and sitters to make pet owners aware of your services. You could actually take people’s animals out for exercise, or create excursions making it easier for people to exercise with their pets. Is there a doggie day care in your area? Partner with them to provide an extra fee-for-service to clients.

Sick Doggie Care

Maybe you have a health care background, or have a particular affinity for working with wounded or sick animals. What about a visiting or sitting service for people who have to work who have a sick animal at home? Giving meds, providing necessary clean up, and even just companionship for the animal while the owner is unavailable.

Doggie Vacations

Love taking your dog with you everywhere, or want to? I bet there are many other pet owners who feel the same way. You could start a newsletter about pet-friendly hotels, cruises, or other vacations, or a website. Earn an income by selling advertising to people who want to reach owners who travel (like dog friendly hotels). But why stop there? Got somewhere you want to go? Why not design and offer dog friendly tour packages? You could even specialize to breed, or to something such as single pet owners.

Doggie Art

Love dogs and either creating or shopping for art? You could offer an online store of unique dog art. What about combining the therapeutic benefits of pets and art? You could offer a service to retirement homes or schools to bring in animals and do artwork with seniors or students.

Dogs and Food

Love to cook? There’s a gal in New England who does cooking classes for how to make healthy food for your dog. An idea like that could be turned into a seminar people attend at a resort, a traveling class that people could sign up for in various cities, or even a video series people subscribe to.

Dog Sitting Extraordinaire

Pet sitting in your town might not appeal to you, but what about in the French Alps or Tasmania?  If you have the ability to travel – this website has pet sitting requests from all over the world.  Some are for weeks or months.  They rarely PAY, but you receive a place to stay while you take care of the pets.  Might be a snazzy condo downtown, might be a chateau.  Not a bad gig if you can source the income for food and travel elsewhere.  Pet and House Sitting

Bottom line, you can turn your love of dogs into an income.  And yes, you can make this seasonal too.  ANYTHING can be seasonal – it’s all in how you structure your business, and how you will get it running again the next season.

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