Facing My Fear

On the path to The Semi-Retired Life, one of the biggest obstacles I am facing is the fear of the unknown and the presence of risk.

Does fear ever stop you from going after what you REALLY want?

I am pretty sure I’m not alone in this.    In the interest of transparency, and because if I ‘fess up maybe it will help someone else, I’m going to share.   Specifically related to my plans to retire from my job in two to three years are the following FEARS:

  1. The economy goes to hell (worse hell) and whatever job I’ve found goes away.   Meanwhile, I walked away from a job where my seniority would have protected me at least for a while.
  2. Health Insurance.   This is a huge problem.  Obamacare is not the friend of people who have good workplace coverage.  The cost is much higher and the coverage much worse.  The prospect of stepping out of the cocoon of good health insurance into that morass is terrifying.
  3. My promised retirement travel privileges collapse – for whatever reason.
  4. I miss it (VERY hard for me to imagine right now) and regret leaving.
  5. I find being home all the time much harder than I expected.  (I’ve been traveling for work for ten years.  Being home all the time, even with a job, will be an adjustment for all of us.)
  6. I can’t find another job and can’t retire after all.  (I have a pretty good record of finding employment.  But, I will be 55.  Is this going to be a problem?)

So there they are in all their glory and brutal honesty.  Voicing them publicly is my way of firing a warning shot.  Game ON, fears…I’m coming after you.

What FEARS are keeping you from what you really want?

(*A note about the photo…I am notoriously prone to vertigo.  My husband couldn’t believe I would even walk out onto that little suspension bridge, but I did.  He held the camera over my head to get the shot to prove it!)



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