Micro-Entrepreneurship is Ideal for Semi-Retirees

“Starting a business” sounds daunting.  But, it CAN be surprisingly simple depending on what you want to do.  Don’t fall prey to self-anointed experts who tell you any of the following myths.  You may need to do some of these things, or not.

There are all kinds of statistics out there to scare you away from starting a business – particularly the ones about failure rates. But, like most numbers, this information is subject to a great deal of interpretation and manipulation. Don’t let one of these five myths keep you from moving forward with your dreams.

One – You Have to Create a Huge International Presence

You don’t have to be that big or that famous to make an impact. What if you only want to have a business that is successful in your community? Do you have to want to grow it into something huge? The answer is a resolute “No.”

Two – You Have to Borrow Money

Many of the statistics out there revolve around the Small Business Administration and the loans available. But, many small businesses can be started for next to nothing. In fact, there are small businesses that teach you how to open your own small business on a shoestring using mostly free methods of marketing and sales. This is particularly true of service and information products.

Three – You Have to Have an “Entrepreneur” Personality

This expectation stops so many potential small business owners from ever getting started. But what is this mysterious character that entrepreneurs have? While many of us perceive the classic entrepreneur as vivacious, outgoing, and a super salesperson, the reality is that passion and belief trump almost everything. If you have a product or service that solves a problem, you just need to find people who have that problem and are seeking a solution for it. Seeking a solution is critical though; they have to want to solve the problem!

Four – You Have to Answer all the Questions Before You Start

This is often referred to as “analysis paralysis” and keeps many businesses from ever being launched. Don’t let your perceptions as to how you think it has to be stop you from just getting out there and doing it. Do you love dogs and want to start a doggie day care? Go talk to everyone you know who has a dog and ask them, “What do you need?” Find a client. Now find another one. Congratulations, you are now a small business owner!

Five – Definition of “Successful”

This one is more personal. Don’t let the media’s definition of a successful small business be your definition of success. What are you looking for? Do you need enough to pay your bills, put some money away for retirement, and love getting out of bed in the morning? If that’s what you need, and that’s what you’ve got, you are a successful small business owner.

Many people could start very successful small businesses if they didn’t hold these myths as truth.  So, if you want to “semi-retire” but just seasonal employment isn’t enough to satisfy you or you can’t find what you want, then starting a micro-business MIGHT be a perfect solution.


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