Ideas to Keep Your Dream Going

Do you remember a few years ago when a video of a forty-seven year old British spinster at a talent show went viral? That she still pursued her dream of success as a singer at her age serves as excellent inspiration. Do you have a dream you have given up pursuing? Try these three things to tend your passion, even if you cannot work at something as much as you would like.

One – Keep doing it as a hobby

Whatever you love that you wish you could do full time but cannot, be sure to at least do it as a hobby. Anything can be a hobby; building sailboats, tutoring kids, coaching baseball. If you cannot find a way to make a living doing it YET, keep active with it as a hobby.

Two – Keep learning about it

Whatever your passion, study it until you are the most expert person in the world. That expertise alone may be the catalyst to turning it into a profession. Take classes, attend seminars, read, practice.  To everything there is a season, and yours may just not have turned yet.

Three – Keep asking people you meet if they know anyone in that field

If you want to break into an unusual or difficult field, never stop asking the people you meet and work with if they know someone who works in that area, or any area related to it. Do informational interviews and maintain contact with everyone you meet who does anything remotely related. You never know when one of these contacts will yield an opportunity. More people have felt frustration and wanted to give up than you can imagine. Especially if you are juggling full-time work, a family, or other demands.

The point is to keep doing what you love in some way, even if it is a small effort, until you have more time and energy to go at it again. Just don’t give up!


About Kimberly…

Contact me at 850-939-5858 or

Hi…my name is Kimberly and I’m in my, ahem, EARLY fifties.   At least for a few more months.    I call myself a recovering MBA and Dream Wrangler.

If you are looking for the credentials, here they are:

  • MBA Anderson Graduate School of Management at UCLA 1990
  • BA in Journalism with Minor in French University of Georgia 1983
  • FL Licensed Real Estate Agent (not active)
  • FAA Licensed Aircraft Dispatcher
  • Licensed Profiting from Your Passions® Advisor

Work experience in Sales, Sales Training, Direct Sales, Marketing, Complex Project Management, Internal Communications, and Classroom Instructing in the Pharmaceutical, Medical Capital Equipment, Telecommunication, Advertising, and Commercial Aviation industries.

(Good grief.  Enough of that.  See why I am recovering…?)

My DREAM is to be able to work just nine months a year,  and teaching is an option, but not my first choice.  I’d love to have my free months be in the Fall or Winter, when it’s easier to travel.

Next July, I become eligible to retire from my aviation job.   I don’t expect to retire then, but I AM beginning a two-three year project to change my work/life structure once I get the youngest child launched.

I started this blog to share what I’m learning about part-year work options for those of us who need to, or want to, keep working.  We just don’t want to work AS MUCH.  Two or three weeks vacation isn’t cutting it. We want two or three MONTHS a year work free.

If this sounds like something you would love to do too, please join my tribe of fifty plus somethings, and I’ll share what I learn as I go.

Please also go have some fun with the quiz!  It’s completely without obligation and a fun way to see if this might work for you.

I look forward to meeting you as we figure this out.



Over Fifty And Two or Three Weeks Vacation Isn't Cutting It Anymore? What If You Could Get Two or Three MONTHS Off Every Year?