Slow Down, You’re Going Too Fast….

“You gotta make the morning last…”

What a great song AND a great message.  Can you believe this is from the sixties?   Here’s the original from Simon and Garfunkel’s Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme album.  Feelin’ Groovy

And then this article from today’s Foxnews Health about a village in Italy that is home to over 300 people who are over 100 years old.   The Good Life in Italy

The older I get the more the urge to SLOW DOWN grows.  I find myself wanting to detach from my smart phone, for example.  It’s smarter than I am anyway.   Stop eating standing at the kitchen counter and go sit outside somewhere and savor my meal.   Check email once a day.  Seriously, if it’s urgent, the person can call me on the cell phone.  Oh…wait.  SIGH.

I have this daydream of slow everything.  Slow travel – where I go somewhere for more than three days and leisurely learn the local’s secrets, along with the best time of day to take pictures and to  take a nap.   Slow eating – where I cook from fresh ingredients purchased that day.  Moseying through that meal with great conversation and yes, a glass of vino.  Slow work – getting it done right the first time without rushing, or pressure, or cranky co-workers.   Slow reading – drinking in the words of a novel instead of squeezing them into gaps in the day.  A slow bike ride, to see nature instead of try to get the right number of steps in for the day.

SLOWER.  Everything slower.  I need a bumper sticker.  The Slow Life.

Anyone feel that way too?   Pick a day this week, any day, and live it slowly.  I’ll share my attempt in a future post.


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