The JOB Front

Enough talk about health insurance for a bit, okay?   I am dubbing it the Opportunity Cost of Time Freedom.

Let’s talk income.

Income needs vary.  Ability to move around for jobs vary.  Experience varies.  So, there may or may not be something here that is the piéce de résistance for you.   But something you see here might give you that spark of an idea that blossoms into just the right way for you to structure your semi-retirement.    Or, one link leads to another and so on, and down the path you can go looking for what does work for you if these do not.

Several of these links are for seasonal jobs, and many are summer tourism positions.  In the USA,  Colorado, Utah, and some California, Wyoming, Vermont, and New Mexico offer two tourist seasons with a shoulder in between to take some time off.   Also, don’t rule out the southern hemisphere for opposing seasons or Europe or Asia for Winter seasonal tourism industry jobs.

If you are interested in building a freelance business that is portable, there are a couple good starting places here.   Also links to house sitting opportunities, if blending travel with portable work is something that appeals to you.

Retail season is coming, for those of you who would like a brick and mortar job during the Fall selling season.   The job boards are good for this, but don’t forget to go to specific retailers that you would be interested in working for and fill out an application.  You can do this online, or just go to the store do it.   If you’d like something indoor/outdoor, don’t forget about the Post Office, and private shippers like UPS and FedEx.

And now is the time to begin stalking the IRS for postings for their seasonal data entry positions.  These jobs seem to post between mid-August and October 1st and run from January or February through May doing income tax related work at 23 regional processing centers around the country.  You don’t need to be an accountant – many positions are simple data entry or paperwork processing.

Go play and check these out!




Resources for Info and Job Postings about teaching English abroad

Two articles with some excellent additional links

This should help get you started and inspire some ideas!




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