Three Industries Offering Part-Year Employment

Part-year, or more commonly known as seasonal employment,  has been a staple of these industries for years.  For many this is a lifestyle that blends long hours and hard work for a group of months, with a corresponding break of time off once the shoulder, or off-season, begins.  This article touches on just a few of the employment positions available in these industries.

Tourism and Travel

This is the one that most people think of when they hear the term “seasonal” work.   In North America, there are numerous locations that have a high season where the influx of visitors demands a corresponding increase in workers to serve them in many capacities.   With most schools out during the summer months, opportunities abound.

Since several of these areas have two high seasons – one in Winter and then again in Summer, employers from resorts, to touring companies, to airports, to the traditional restaurants and bars, offer employment for both seasons, with six to eight week breaks in between.

Examples of positions include: Hotel and restaurant serving, cleaning, and front office, tour guides, tour bus drivers, cruise ship staff and management, trainers, event managers, adventure guides, airline ground handling, and local information experts.


If the only inevitable things are death and taxes, then the only inevitable seasonal job is tax preparation.   Many Certified Public Accountants who do primarily tax returns only work through September.  If you have not done your taxes by then, they might not want you for a client!

These accountants frequently need support staff for detail work.  Large national tax preparers also hire extensively during tax season to staff tax prep locations that are only open part of each year.

In addition, the Internal Revenue Service also hires temporary workers nationwide during tax season to do everything from data entry, to phone support, to actual tax calculations and return reviews.


Many facets of the practice of medicine also offer temporary, seasonal, or traveling options.   Once again, cruise ships are often staffed with a doctor and a nurse.  Public primary and secondary schools still offer an  onsite nurse in some areas.

Of more interest may be the traveling positions, where the nurse, physical therapist, doctor, or other practitioner works at a given location for several weeks or months, takes off as long as they wish, then accepts another temporary position in a different location.  These positions often include room and board, and traveling expenses.

There are actually many more positions out there for temporary workers, even in these fields.  To keep abreast of the opportunities, please visit the blog The Semi-Retired Life.


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