Three Job or Career Models for The Semi-Retired Life

Are you fifty or older and really wish you could get two to four months a year completely off from work?   Begin by identifying which of the three work models fits you best.

The Something to Do Model

This model is for those of you who have whatever amount of retirement income or assets that you consider to be “enough.”  You do not really need to work for the income, but you do really need something to do.  However, you don’t want to commit yourself to year around work, and volunteering just doesn’t meet your need to be productive.

Congratulations!  You can choose whatever combination of working and time off you like.  Why not try the things you always wanted to do, but couldn’t because of work?  Teach English abroad for a few months, then sell art on a cruise ship.  Spend your summers in the U.S. and winters down-under.  You have lots of choices.

The Supplement Model

This model is for people who have some assets and/or retirement income, but are concerned it’s not enough to last their lifetime, or not enough to enjoy their activities and interests.   Bottom line, in order to take two to four months work free each year, some additional money needs to come into the coffers.

This still gives you a great deal of freedom in your choice of working options, and also the ability to do something different every year.

Additionally, you can work with a financial expert to see where you could downsize or cut expenses.

The Support Yourself Model

This model is for the person who is perhaps too young to access retirement accounts or collect social security.  This is also the model for those who simply did not have the ability, for whatever reasons, to save for retirement, but still want to get at least a couple months a year free from work to enjoy life.

Besides the obvious choice of primary or secondary school teaching, which just isn’t for everyone, there are ways to earn a twelve-month income in eight to ten months.

The best way to do this is to perform independent contract work or temporary work in a field where you have experience or credentials.   The federal government, for example, sometimes hires workers into temporary positions that pay high five or low six figures.  Many industries have a constant need for subject matter or project management personnel for limited time periods.

Finally, talk to your previous employer.  You would be surprised how often you can get your old job back on a contract basis at twice the pay, without benefits.




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