The Modern Seasonal Worker

I’ve been cogitating a post about the cost of independence for a couple days, but that feels heavy and just…Meh.

However, I have had a wonderful time lately ogling tiny houses and campers.  The funny aspect of that is that I don’t camp!  I can, though, completely see myself in a tiny house.

But, it occurs to me that these might be  perfect and affordable housing solutions for those of you who would like to do seasonal work in different places around the U.S.A.    Actually, they would work anywhere you are willing to drive/pull them, or for that matter ship them.  So you aren’t necessarily limited to the lower 48 and/or Alaska.

Some of the seasonal jobs with the National Park Service for example, will provide the camper space as part of the compensation – saving the time, energy, and expense of hunting up dorm or temporary housing.    People already do this with RVs, but those are generally more expensive to acquire, maintain, and operate.

How frugally, economically, and without much space do you think you could live?   

Today, go and play with the idea of being a turtle and carrying your home on your back.   What kind of freedom would it give you to take the kind of jobs you want to take if you did not have to worry about where to live when you got there?  Would being a modern seasonal worker, moving around to different seasonal or temporary jobs, work for you?

Here’s an itty bitty camper that doesn’t need a big truck to pull.  Think you could “live” in this for a season?

Click here to see the Happier Camper

Maybe need a little more space, but still want to pull it behind you?

Check out the Beauer Telescoping Camper Here

And then there’s my favorite idea; a tiny house.   LOTS of options here, and you do need a more powerful vehicle to move them.   Be still my heart…

Portable Tiny Houses in Cedar

Tumbleweed Brand Tiny Houses

General Info About Tiny Living

Article with the Author of a Tiny House Blog

Another Tiny House page

So, what do you think?   If you could travel with your own living quarters, would being a modern traveling  seasonal worker suit you?

Think about it!

Have a fun day-dreaming.




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